Elusive Outlaws

Always a step ahead of anyone who might try to catch them, the elusive outlaws use shadows, secrets, and underground networks to their advantage. They may be a little too clever for society, or a little too narcissistic, or a little impatient, or simply aware that there are plenty of ways to make a living outside the lines, so why should they bother trying to fit into a box? The elusive outlaws know that if they time things just right, they can make a big score and slip away–but, when the stakes get high, they may just find there is no honor among thieves.


As a party, elusive outlaws begin as a small band of thieves, smugglers, pirates, swindlers. Their exact line of criminal work and their purposes for organizing may vary, but their primary skillset focuses on the art of the heist–breaking into secure locations, transporting goods or people unseen, turning the vices of the community into a source of profit. 

Suggested Core Traits



The resources we don’t have right now, well, we can steal them later



It’s all about the people you know



Let’s stay one jump ahead of the breadline, one swing ahead of the sword…

Potential Party Techniques

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Quests and Campaigns

When elusive outlaws engage in a quest, they may be conducting a heist in a straightforward sense–attempting to break into a location to steal something important. Or, they may be smuggling goods or people from one location to another. They will inevitably gain heat and come into conflict with other factions. Their long-term campaign course will emerge from the consequences of their own criminal actions. Will our elusive outlaws keep one jump ahead, outsmart their adversaries, and retire with pockets full of gold?

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Examples in Media

There are. So. Many. Elusive Outlaws. We can make this list so this isn’t a fragment.

Session Zero Discussion Points

As you plan for a group of Elusive Outlaws, think about what set them on a criminal path and what brings them together. Do they have a common point of contact who recruited them to embark on this criminal endeavor? Did they serve time in prison together? Have they come upon hard times for a similar external reason? Do they share a mutual hatred for some individual or faction, and they’re out for revenge?

Discuss if you want your group of outlaws to stand together through thick and thin, or if betrayal is in the cards if the price is right. When you are deciding on the forms of criminal enterprises your elusive outlaws may become involved with, you may use a session zero tool to identify veils that players are okay with having behind the scenes but not explicitly in play and boundaries that players would prefer not to have come up at all within the campaign. Remember that stories of criminals deal in some of the darker aspects of human nature. It’s worthwhile to check in regularly even beyond session zero to ensure that everyone is enjoying the content and direction.

Potential Party Contacts

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