With time, skill, and knowledge, they hone their craft. Builders, keepers, crafters, makers, sellers, their skills fulfill the needs of their community.

About Artisans and Merchants

All across Prisymera, in every land and nature, artisans and merchants thrive. These are the people who make it their work to specialize in the creation and exchange of goods and services. From leather workers to glass blowers, bricklayers to bee keepers, artisans and merchants have some specialized skill and engage in the world’s commerce.

In some nations, like Lorinth with its feudalism and manorialism, artisans have value but merchants are less common. In others, like Teramino, there are whole guilds systems dedicated to the organized training and licensing of professional artisans and merchants.

Consider what your artisan specializes in and what connections may grow from that specialization. The list of keywords and drawbacks below is not exhaustive.

🔑 Keywords

  • Handy
  • Observant
  • Schmooze
  • Exchange
  • Craft
  • Weave
  • Fabricate


  • Slipshod
  • Snake Oil
  • Scheme
  • Expensive
  • Demanding
  • Apprentice
  • Novice

🔎 Suggested Techniques

  • Repair at the Ready: Once per session, your character can use their artisan skills to find a solution to a problem. Change one standard failed roll into a standard success.
  • Fast Talker: Once per session, your character can use their people skills to win someone over. The target of the fast talk provides additional information that they might have held back or believes a lie that they were beginning to doubt.
  • Knowing the Value: Once per session, your character uses their craftsmanship knowledge to identify the true value of something related to their field (or an adjacent artisan field, at the GM’s discretion). While investigating a room, perusing a market, or otherwise interacting with others, your character gains an insight about the value, history, or craftsmanship of an object that others may have ignored.

🎒Pack Loadout

  • Artisan’s Tools
  • Loupe
  • Scales
  • Paper and Ink

Other Character Backgrounds

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