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The setting of Prisymera is a creation of Stephanie Gildart, based partially on a play by post game named Ethera which she played with a small group of friends in the early 2010s.

Gratitude to Amber, Daniel, Larissa, and Jason for their contributions to Ethera many years ago that gave me the confidence reshape, reinforce, and grow the world into what it is today. Further gratitude to the many Ethera players who joined us in the adventures of the Seven Thieves.

Copyright and Credits

The characters, locations, events, mythos, and creatures of Prisymera are creations of Stephanie Gildart. The setting is entirely fictitious and no identification with actual persons or places is intended.

As a TTRPG setting with an emphasis on narrative arcs that grow from character actions, Prisymera game mechanics draw from two sources:

SHIFT, from Hit Point Press

SHIFT: A Pick-up-and-play roleplaying game system with a minimal rule set based around Traits with an associated shift die. SHIFT is in Beta, under development by Hit Point Press. The Quickstart Beta is available here.

In Prisymera, SHIFT is used primarily for its dice mechanics around character creation and progression, character actions, encounters with adversaries, and so forth.

SHIFT is in beta and, from what I understand, there is an intent to provide a System Reference Document with clear guidelines for licensed use of the content. As it is in beta, any gameplay mechanics from SHIFT will be quoted with a page number citation and link to the beta test document, under the spirit of fair use (specifically teaching players and adding commentary to the system).

When SHIFT moves from beta to a formal release and there are clarifications on how to provide proper credit where credit is due, I will update this blurb accordingly. In the meantime,

SHIFT Credits:

  • Writing: Jordan Richer & Graeme Fotheringham
  • Editing: Andrea Bruce, Sebastian Yūe & Verity Lane
  • Producer: Ricardo Evangelho

Blades in the Dark, by John Harper, published by Evil Hat

Blades in the Dark (and its Forged in the Dark cousins) is a narratively-driven tabletop role-playing game built around the actions and consequences of the player characters as a group and their interactions with the assorted factions.

Prisymera draws from Blades in the Dark especially for its mechanics that help a game master plan, such as: Planning and Engagement to draw from character choices and then dive right into the action of a session, Downtime (with Heat and Entanglements) to allow consequences of character actions to have a tangible effect on the overarching plot, Clocks for pacing, Magnitude of Effect to keep power levels in scope.

This work is based on Blades in the Dark, product of One Seven Design, developed and authored by John Harper, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.