This campaign setting is a work in progress

Stephanie says: I invite you to peruse this mess of a website while I build Prisymera for my own fun and enjoyment.

Posts in the “Fragment” category may just be barebones templates as a reminder that I’d like to fill those in at some point. Even posts that are not fragments are works in progress, not final drafts.

I’m running a small private Prisymera game, and my primary focus is building in the resources that my current players need. Around the edges, for my enjoyment, I will also build out the rest of the world.

Please enjoy your stay and pardon the mess while we all explore together

What is Prisymera?

Prisymera as a setting is a world of balance–light in balance with darkness, fire in balance with water, life in balance with the after, hope in balance with fear, and so forth. The balanced elements are perceived more as two sides of the same coin rather than as forces in opposition. Each has its time and its season.

At the heart of Prisymera is the Orisian Alliance, a collection of nations inhabited predominantly by magic-using humans who forged an alliance with the blessing of Oris, the God of Hope, after hundreds of years of war.

The Trade Lands that surround the Orisian Alliance to the west, east, and south are home to more humans, as well as Seafolk, animal shapeshifting Deni, and elementally-blessed Theri.

To the north, what the Orisian Alliance calls the Dragon Wilds is in fact a nation where human and dragon have learned to live in harmony, though dragons have their reasons for keeping their most precious secrets and their ancient knowledge just out of human reach.

High above, along with the clouds, floating islands pass by–a gift from Zanth, the God of Earth and Fire, to Nuenda, the Goddess of Air and Water, on their wedding. Feather-winged Adar and dragon-winged Draig dwell high up on these islands, their values ever at odds.

Elves and other magical beings dwell in Teyrnas, a mysterious shifting realm of wild magic that shifts and changes and defies mapping.

Only the most daring adventures ever glimpse at the very edge of the world to encounter the great chaotic void that surrounds the realm on all sides. The wastelands between the populated nations and this void are the only protection Prisymera’s peoples have against that churning nothingness…

Prisymera Game Mechanics

Prisymera uses the SHIFT system from Hit Point Press as its primary system, with some mechanics borrowed from Blades in the Dark.

Learn more about SHIFT here

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