Divinely Destined

From the outside, the odds look stacked against the little party of mere mortals. No one would expect the fate of the world rests on their shoulders, considering their humble origins and past mistakes. Yet, each of them stands their ground against their foe. They all know they have something divine standing on their side.


A Divinely Destined party has been chosen, whether they like it or not, to fulfil a great destiny. Party members may be fully cognizant of their destiny or kept completely in the dark. Word of their divine calling may come through Dream, whether by a recorded prophecy, an oracle summoning the party, or a mutually-shared vision between members of the party. Or, they may find themselves approached by one of the Gods of Prisymera, perhaps initially in disguise and under some pseudonym, feeding them quest opportunities that guide them along a path toward serving that god’s interests and goals on Prisymera.

Suggested Core Traits



The Gods may demand the quest, but they certainly aren’t paying for it



Divinely Destined use their connection with the Gods and their understanding of the needs of the people to guide their quests



Divinely Destined are often in dangerous situations and learn the skills necessary to protect themselves and others

Potential Party Techniques

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Quests and Campaigns

Divinely destined campaigns center around fulfilling the will of a god or titan element in Prisymera. Whether the characters are willing participants in support of the cause, forced into service regardless of their own will, or something in between those two extremes, their attitudes can help to define the tensions and themes the campaign may explore:

  • Where does choice come into play when immortal beings have direct influence in your destiny?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the world?
  • What happens when the cause you thought you believed in is something entirely different and unexpected?
  • How can you develop faith and trust in your party, your path, or your future in a flawed and unbalanced world?

Divinely Destined quests may put the characters at odds with the law, particularly when the law and the will of their divine patron are at odds. There may be someone wrongfully imprisoned in need of rescue or a resource being hoarded that should be distributed to the masses. A rival faction that appears above-board may, in fact, be working to undermine the balance of Prisymera and allow it to fall into chaos.

Or, Divinely Destined quests may place the characters on a pedestal in society. As they perform heroic deeds, slaying monsters and saving lives, factions around them may start to curry favor, attempting to use the characters’ earned goodwill to strengthen their position within society. But, that respect comes with its own risks: What happens when the characters are caught in a compromising position? Would the people who supported them still stand by them? Whether they are framed for wrongdoing or authentically guilty, how do they continue on their divine path when the city that once loved them has now turned against them?

Examples in Media

The Lord of the Rings, Highlander, Magic Knight Rayearth, The Legend of Zelda, The Neverending Story, Willow, Guardians of Ga’Hoole, The Heroes of Olympus, Merlin, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Sisko), Supernatural, The Wheel of Time, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Session Zero Discussion Points

As a table, at the start of your campaign, discuss what it means to be divinely destined and which of the above thematic questions draw your interest. Look over each of the gods and titans of Prisymera and choose one or more to be your party’s patron. You may enjoy having each character with their own divine patron, or one divine patron for the whole party. You can also discuss whether the table wants to know the identity of the patron or patrons up front, or if that’s something they learn over the course of the campaign.

Potential Party Contacts

  • Kinera, caretaker and groundskeeper of the local graveyard
  • Porilin, a priest at a local temple
  • Moris, a wealthy merchant and patron of the arts
  • Haliko, a local information broker

Other Party Types

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